(Columbus) - Get ready to go a little faster on some Ohio highways. New 70 mph speed limits take effect today on rural stretches of interstate highways around Ohio.

"We had about 317 new signs," said ODOT spokesperson Melissa Ayers.

Most of those signs were overlays on existing speed limit signs, but in some cases new signs were needed. Ayers also says they posted several new signs warning motorists to reduce their speeds as they leave the new speed zones.

"You'll have fair warning where those changes occur," she said.

The new state budget also allows ODOT to raise speed limits on portions of U.S. and state highways. Ayers says they are still evaluating where those changes might take place. They have 90 days to make those decisions.

"Are there traffic signals? Are there interchanges or are they intersections? So, we'll be looking at a lot of different criteria," Ayers said.

The speed changes don't just have to be increases to 70 mph. Ayers says some areas could see speed limits bump from 55 to 60, 55 to 65, or 65 to 70 mph.

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