(Cleveland) - Gawkers and rubberneckers continue to drive by Ariel Castro’s house on Seymour Avenue to look and take pictures.

Neighbors say the traffic has died down a bit, but it remains steady.

A neighbor named Louis told WTAM 1100 he’s glad it’s quieter in the neighborhood where police say Castro held three women captive for about ten years. But people still come to see where the house is and wonder how the women were kept in bondage for so long.

Daniel lives across the street from Castro’s house and is getting tired of the traffic. He tells WTAM 1100 he’s not sure if it has decreased. He says people arrive and take pictures of the house at all hours of the day and night.

Police often have to ask onlookers to leave. Daniel is getting tired of it.

But Louis and Daniel admit that they thought Ariel Castro was a good man, and had no idea that he was up to anything.

Despite the inconveniences, the men are both glad Castro is behind bars.

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