(Cleveland) -- The jury has found Holly McFeeture guilty of aggravated murder in the "Death by antifreeze" case.

The Old Brooklyn woman was convicted by a jury in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas for poisoning her live-in boyfriend and fiancé Matthew Podolak with whom she had two children in July 2006. McFeeture was accused of spiking Podolak's ice tea with antifreeze. 

The defense called just two witnesses Monday before the jury received the case.

She could face life in prison.  McFeeture will be sentenced August 28th.

Defense attorney Bret Jordan says he respects the verdict but is disappointed with it and assumes an appeal will be filed.

The prosecution says the woman began poisoning her fiancé days or weeks before he died. The prosecution has said the motive was the woman's desire to end the relationship.

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