(Cleveland) - The Cleveland Public Library, in partnership with LAND studio, is seeking submissions for a book that will tell the tale of those who call Cleveland home.

Clevelanders -- and by Cleveland we mean Greater Cleveland -- are invited to share stories, one-liners, photos, love letters, hate mail, memorabilia and anything else that conveys what it means to be a from this town.

The submissions will be collected and compiled in a book which will be released later this year. The submissions can be humorous, honest, edgy, bold and sassy. We want to reflect Cleveland’s struggles, triumphs, and the small moments in between.

The book is inspired by the Lockwood Thompson Dialogues, held last April. The dialogues welcomed three talented and hilarious personalities (Modern Family’s executive producer Dan O’Shannon, Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown, and Dave Hill a comedian and writer), to the Cleveland Public Library to discuss what it means to be from Cleveland. The conversation continues with the creation of a publication that will capture the unique experience of a Clevelander and illustrate personality.

A press release is attached that gives details for the submission or you can visit our website http://www.land-studio.org

We would love to hear from you, please consider submitting a story or sharing this with your contacts. Deadline: Monday, August 12th!

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