(Cleveland) - It’s finally done!

The long-delayed West 76th Street tunnel linking a West Side neighborhood with Edgewater Park has opened to the public. A stream of bicycles rolled through just after 5:00 p.m. Tuesday.

The tunnel is a brighter, wheelchair-accessible improvement to the dank, foreboding underpass that closed in late summer of 2010.

The Ohio Department of Transportation managed the work, along with restoring another pedestrian tunnel beneath Clifton Boulevard, near Lake Avenue. That tunnel opened last August.

Work on the two tunnels is part of a larger effort by the city and ODOT to improve lakefront access for West Side neighborhoods. They're cut off from Edgewater Park by the West Shoreway. Unexpected soil conditions delayed work at both sites.

An artistic rendering of a glacier surrounds the opening of the upper tunnel and can be seen by Shoreway drivers.

(Photos courtesy Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization)

One issue being dealt with is graffiti damage in the tunnel. City crews had to power-wash the tunnel and re-paint ahead of the dedication ceremony.

(Photo courtesy WKYC TV 3)

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