(Cleveland) - Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath held a news conference Tuesday morning to announce results of disciplinary hearings for police officers involved in last November's deadly police chase.

104 Cleveland Police officers of the 277 on duty that night were involved in the pursuit in some way. 74 were recommended for disciplinary actions. 64 of those were eventually charged with violations of departmental rules and policy,

As a result, McGrath says 178 suspension days were issued. The most for any officer was ten days.

Suspect Timothy Russell led Cleveland Police on a high speed chase from downtown Cleveland into East Cleveland where he and passenger Malissa Williams were shot dead in a hail of gunfire.

13 Police officers fired 137 rounds into the vehicle, killing both occupants. Those officers are still facing greater scrutiny and their fates will be determined at a later date.

Disciplinary action has already been doled out to a dozens supervisors, one of whom was terminated.

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