(Cleveland) - Don't expect Cleveland's water system to suffer the same cold weather problems as Avon Lake's water department. So says, Cleveland interim water Commissioner Alex Margevicius.

He tells Newsradio WTAM 1100 that Cleveland's water intake valves are far out into Lake Erie to prevent icing. Margevicius says their valves are designed differently, and are placed deeper into the lake where the water is a bit warmer.

Margevicius reports, Cleveland Water has been assisting Avon Lake by providing as much as a third of the suburb's water supply.

Weather-related water restrictions were lifted for thousands of northeast Ohio residents after Avon Lake's intake from Lake Erie was restored.

Below-zero temperatures had caused ice to block the intake valves pulling water from the lake, leading leaders in Lorain County to declare a state of emergency and issue water restrictions Wednesday.

The county said Thursday that input rates are nearly back to normal for the more than 206,000 residential and commercial customers whose water is provided through the Avon Lake regional water plant.

All restrictions were lifted Thursday, but administrators said a boil alert would likely be issued for customers in a small area.

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