(Cleveland) - Councilman Eugene Miller is calling for a crackdown on prostitution. He says residents are fed up with the growing number of hookers working Euclid Avenue in the Collinwood area.

Miller held a press conference at the corner of Euclid Avenue and Wayside Road to announce his plan to introduce legislation Monday night aimed at increasing the penalties for those convicted of procuring, soliciting or prostituting in the city of Cleveland to a $450 fine and mandatory time in jail.

The Councilman hopes raising penalties, along with the installation of seven security cameras on Euclid Avenue, will drive home the message prostitution is not welcome in Cleveland.

“We need to drive home the message that prostitution is not welcome and will not be tolerated in Cleveland,” said Councilman Miller. “Those procuring, soliciting and working as prostitutes are driving down the quality of life in communities across this city. Our residents, and especially our children, should not have to deal these sex offenses as they go walk to and from school and go about their daily errands.”

Councilman Eugene Miller with Ward 10 residents.

Miller told Newsradio WTAM 1100 will ask council to pass a resolution requesting that the State of Ohio two allow cities to confiscate the vehicles of johns, using those funds for counseling and treatment.

Miller would also like to see procuring and soliciting sex to become felonies. Several residents WTAM spokes with said prostitution is becoming a growing problem in Collinwood with women selling their bodies to get drugs.

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