(Columbus) - Advocates for same-sex marriage in Ohio are launching a campaign to promote the issue ahead of a possible statewide ballot issue.

"Fairness matters to Ohioans. Dignity matters to Ohioans. We know that not one of us, not one Ohioan should be treated differently because of who we are or who we love," said Elyzabeth Holford, executive director of Equality Ohio Education Fund. "There are couples in Ohio living in legal limbo. It’s time to change that. Why Marriage Matters Ohio is part of our roadmap to fairness and dignity for all Ohioans."

The campaign is aimed at "changing hearts and minds" of Ohioans about gay marriage. Holford says a recent poll of voters in Ohio done by the Public Religion Research Institute shows support for marriage equality in a dead heat at 47% on both sides.

There has been a rift of sorts over when an issue to overturn Ohio's constitutional ban on gay marriage might go to the ballot. Some say it will be on the ballot in 2014, but Holford says a date hasn't been set.

"We will have an amendment on the ballot in Ohio when the time is right. How will we know when the time is right? We'll know because our numbers will be over 51 percent," Holford said.

Holford says they'll be rolling out public service announcements and holding community forums among other things.

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