(Israel) - "Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay" The words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after the bodies of three abducted Israeli teenagers were found Monday. Tensions have soared since Monday, with rocket attacks and retaliatory airstrikes between Israel and militants in Hamas-controlled Gaza. 

Ambassador Ido Aharoni, the Consul General of Israel in NYC, joined Bill Wills this morning to address the situation. Ambassador Aharoni's sources told him that the murders appear to be a criminal incident, and not a murder based on nationalistic background, but the Israeli Police are expected to make an official announcement after the forensic investigation is complete. 

Amb. Aharoni went on to say that while the Palestine Liberation Organization is committed to a two-state solution, like the Israeli and U.S. governments, Hamas on the other end is not interested in a nation based state solution, and is calling for Islamic rule. 

"In the eyes of Hamas, Palestinian nationalism is the enemy no less than Israel is their enemy, and the fact that the leaders of the Palestinian national movement, failed over the years, habitually and repeatedly, to phase Hamas -- is the main reason why we don't have peace today between Israelis and Palestinians." said Aharoni. 

In Cleveland, New York, and all over the world, Jewish and non-Jewish alike have come together to pray and say enough is enough, as the tense situations in Israel and Middle-East continue to unfold. 

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