(Dublin) - If you saw nothing else of the President's Cup in Dublin over the weekend, you more than likely saw Kimberly Webster. The 23 year old who lives in Worthington took off most of her clothes and sprinted across part of Muirfield Village Golf Club Sunday.

"I was bored," Webster told 610 WTVN's John Corby. "I thought it would be a funny joke."

Webster says she researched top streakers of all time and found they were all men.

"I really wanted to change that," she said.

Webster was working for one of the catering companies at the tournament and had been plotting her run for a few hours, but the plan didn't go off as planned.

She wanted to streak in front of golfer Steve Stricker, but delays threw off her timing.

"My plan was to run the entire length of the course, of hole 18, the fairway. By the time I'd run halfway I thought 'oh my gosh this could be longest hole here I'm going to die.' Then I booked into the woods and that's when the police grabbed me," she said.

After she was taken into police custody she snapped a photo of herself wearing the sheet given to her by police as a toga.

Webster has been making the media rounds enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. She's been contacted by news outlets around the world.

Webster is due in court later this month, unless she pleads guilty and mails in the fine.

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Webster talked 610 WTVN's John Corby in Columbus.