(Cleveland) – Are professional photographers a dying breed?

With cameras embedded in almost every cell phone, just about anyone can be a photographer. And that's creating big changes in the photographic industry.

Barbara Pennington is a professional photographer in Boston Heights. She says the phone technology is getting so sophisticated, point and shoot cameras may be going away.

If that happens, photo labs may vanish as well. Pennington says jobs like hers are becoming rare because digital camera picture quality is going up as prices come down. She doubts anyone could start a photography business and do it as a living now.

Pennington says wedding albums and baby pictures used to be her bread and butter, but now families are taking their own photos and posting them online instead of printing them out.

North Olmsted professional photographer Patrick Rice agrees with Pennington. Rice says it wasn't long ago you could make a good living photographing weddings. Now people think pictures taken by family members with iPhones are good enough.

There will always be professionals to shooting sporting events, school photos and other events. But for many who specialize in portraits, the jobs are becoming fewer and far between.

In fact, Pennington says she’s about ready to call it quits as a professional.

For many photographers, that’s a sad development.

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