(Cleveland)—The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office says there were as many as six possible drug overdose deaths this past weekend. As to whether they were overdose deaths, the ME’s office says confirmed testing has to be done, so the cases are still under investigation.

This comes the weekend after there were 23 suspected heroin overdoses in Lorain County, three of which resulted in death. Six people have been arrested in those cases, and police agencies in Lorain County have tied those arrests to a dangerous blend of heroin called White China.

In the Cuyahoga County cases, medical examiner Dr. Thomas Gilson says testing of the cases will be expedited to determine causes and manners of death, and will coordinate with local, regional and federal agencies as appropriate.

Gilson is expiditing these cases because of what happened in Lorain County, and because of a statewide epidemic of heroin overdoses. He is also hoping that friends and family of heroin addicts can understand that the sooner someone gets medical help after an overdose, the better the chances that the addict can survive and recover.

Through the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Gilson says a heroin antidote kown as Naloxone can be obtained at MetroHealth Medical Center and the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland.

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