The Equss Bass770 may look like a Mustang, but it's not a Mustang. In fact, if anything, it's a Corvette ZR-1 at heart since it has the ZR-1's supercharged engine. The Bass770's styling is evocative of a '67, fastback Mustang and for $250,000 a copy, as much as I love the '67 Mustang, the Bass770 looks too much like a Mustang for it to find a place in my fantasy garage. See for yourself.   


Equus, a small custom car manufacturer based near Detroit, made the Bass770's frame from superformed aluminum and lined it with carbon-fiber inner panels. It's what what helps give it a curb weight of just 3,640 lbs. — 480 lbs. lighter than a Camaro ZL-1. Lightweight and tons of horsepower (640) and torque (605 ft-lbs), means the Bass770 is very fast. It can hit 60 from standing still in 3.4 seconds.  

Still, and this is just us girls talkin' here, the Bass770 looks too much like a Mustang for me to get all crazy about it. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to take it out 77 and see what it can do.

You can come along if you'd like. You keep an eye peeled for the po-po.