'Twas the week of the Dollar Bank Country Jam and all the through station, everyone was moving except Michael J who was on vacation.

Our spectacular staff folded the t-shirts with care In hopes that Gary Allan, Easton Corbin, Rodney Atkins, Eric Paslay, Jack Ingram, Kelleigh Bannen, Ryan Kinder and John King would soon be there…

The porta potties were lined up and straight as could be where all of our guests would soon dispose of their…

And LeeAnn in her Dolce and Girbana and Brian in his Indians cap had just gotten their seats. There was no time for them to nap!

When out on the midway there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my chair to see what the matter. Off of the stage I flew like a flash, Up the sidewalk by the VIP tent and onto the grass

I said to Kat Jackson, "Did someone invite Johnny Manziel? She said, "You mean Brian Hoyer’s backup? What the hell?"

When what to our wondering eyes did appear, but more than 10,000 of our closest friends! Wwe hold them so dear! “Happy Dollar Bank Country Jam to all! And to all good night!”