I Love The Smell of Leaking Anti Freeze...It Smells Like...Victory...


At this year's Cuyahoga County Fair, once again, we entered a vehicle into the annual demolition derby. Like last year, we entered a Saab 9-5 from our friends at Bedford Mazda. Bedford Mazda buys commercial time on WGAR, by the way.


The only difference, this year's 9-5 was a sedan while last year we entered a wagon. Actually, that wagon from last year was our entry from 2011. Y'see, friends, back in 2011, a torrential downpour fried the electrical system in the wagon and we couldn't get it fixed in time for the "race". Yelp, this gave us a car for the next year. By the way, in Europe, they refer to demo derbies as "Banger Racing". When in Rome... 

Our driver, Tom, did most of the prep work on our Saab (he works for Bedford Mazda) including swapping out the "light pressure turbo" V-6 from our entry and replacing it with the 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbo engine from our entry from last year. Tom even used the hood from last year's car too. Pretty impressive, Tom. Tom's a big fan of Saabs and insisted that the 2.0 turbo engine was a better mill than the V-6. We trust Tom. You have to trust a man who loves cars where the ignition switch is on the floor. 

With all the glass and really, anything that could fly off the car in the heat of the crashing removed, Tom got at it last Sunday and once again, did very well. This was Tom's second year of "Banger Racing" and braced with a year of experience and additional research on demo derbies, attempted to ram the rear of the Saab 9-5 into the front of his competitors. Demo Derby 101--ram the front with your back in hopes of knocking out the radiator. Knock out the radiator and its just a matter of time before overheating overwhelms the engine. I love the smell of leaking antifreeze in the morning. It smells like...victory

You can see here that the stoutly constructed rear of our car rolled up like an accordion giving us additional ramming strength. Only issue, everyone in a "Banger Race" is attempting to do the same thing as our man Tom was doing. Several, unfortunate, knocks to the front end of our Saabie and our radiator lost its juice.  

But not before we knocked out just about everyone else and finished second.

Nice job, Tom!