Watch The Heartwarming Moment Man Reunites With Dog Following Wildfires


A Santa Rosa resident was elated after he was reunited with the family dog. Katherine Weaver was forced to evacuate her home in the middle of the night as deadly wildfires bared down on her neighborhood. Unfortunately, she was unable to find her dog Izzy in the chaos and had to leave without her. After the wildfires were dealt with, she assumed Izzy was dead.  Her son Jack Weaver and his brother-in-law Patrick Widen decided to go back to the house and collect whatever they could. 

As the two approached the house, expecting the worst they were greeted by a familiar site, when Izzy came running out of the rubble. Jack was filming at the time, and uploaded the video of the happy reunion to Facebook. Jack called his mother to deliver to good news. Even though her house and most of her possessions were destroyed, her beloved dog managed to survive the inferno. 


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