Carly Pearce on Embracing Her Evolution, Your Hair Talks. Make A Statement.


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If you look at country singer/songwriter Carly Pearce, right away you will notice her gorgeous, light, long hair, waved and curled to perfection. But the 27-year-old has played with her hair a lot over the years with different colors and styles, and as Carly says, "I think my hair is a little wild. I think it's free. I feel like it gives me that fire."

In a new interview, Carly opens up about her hair, explaining the different styles she's had over the years, her evolution, embracing change, how her hair affects how she feels and more.

It's no wonder that Carly has great hair. Her mother and grandmother were both hairdressers. She explains that when she was little, the time she spent at the beauty shop with her family has helped her to step outside the box today. She said, "As a young girl, hanging out in the beauty shop, I just looked at it as social hour. And I think as I've gotten older, I realized both of them have been such key parts of making me step outside the box a little bit or just building me up or making me feel pretty. I think that's a really beautiful thing now as an adult."

Carly's hair has gone through an evolution over the years, and it stemmed from the hard work she put in to build her career while in Nashville. She explains:

"I was passed on so many times in Nashville. I knew I needed to grow and I had plateaued for so many years. I had very, very dark hair. It started to really make me think about what are some things that you can find that you love that other people can finally see you in a different light. When I lightened my hair, I didn't even realize how much of a security blanket it was."

The former Dollywood employee adds, "I think as I've grown up, I think I've just embraced what makes me, me and willing to take chances and feel more myself than I ever have. So I had orange hair for a little while. I've had bright red hair and I may change my hair again. I may make my hair short. I may decide to straighten it sometimes, but I think that's always the fun of just being a girl and embracing that it's always gonna be an evolution."

Learn more about Carly's hair evolution & watch her full Your Hair Talks. Make A Statement. - created by John Frieda Hair Care interview above.


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