Watch Waitress Take Down Creep Who Groped Her

This creep needed to be put in his place after he groped a waitress while she was in the middle of her work shift. Turns out, he messed with the WRONG woman!

Emelia Holden was minding her own business in the middle of her shift as a waitress at a Georgia pizzeria when this creep walked by her and grabbed her. Without hesitating, Emelia defended herself! She grabbed the man who did it by the shirt, put him in a headlock and slammed him into the wall.

She's been endlessly praised on social media for what she did. "Dude got what he deserved,” was one comment. "She is my new hero!" was another. 

Not only did Holden take the guy down, she scolded him in front of everyone before telling her co-workers to call the cops.

Hopefully, this guy will keep his hands to himself. You don't grab a woman, EVER, dude. 

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