Dirty Dancing Remake Should Be Left In the Corner

I have a confession: I didn't watch the remake last night of Dirty Dancing on ABC.  I just couldn't bring myself to watch it.  And from everyone posting last night and today about it, my instincts must have been right.  The reviews of the public are in...and basically everyone thinks that this is one remake that should have stayed in the corner.  From the strange plot lines, to the half-musical/half-overture music, and then there's the apparent very awkward dancing (how does that even happen when your title has the word dance in it??)  Twitter had the best reactions, and ET has put them all on one page for you HERE.  

One reviewer said they were glad Patrick Swayze couldn't watch it because he deserved so much better...ouch.  Do you agree?  I have to admit, I was cringing just from the reviews, and I didn't even watch it.

Carletta Blake

Carletta Blake

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