Lauren Alania's Stepfather Passes From Months Of Cancer Battle


Lauren Alaina has been very open about the struggles her stepfather Sam Ramker has been battling with his cancer.  Unfortunately, Lauren Alaina stepfather lost his battle with cancer and passed away at one o'clock Sunday morning (October 21st). Back in June Lauren took to social media to share Sam was battling Stage IV Melanoma Cancer and at that time the family setup an GoFundMe page for donations on Sam's behalf. 

Lauren shared with fans her stepfather's last moments on her Instagram:

His last few hours were some of the most amazing moments I know I will ever have the privilege of witnessing. He opened his eyes last night. They shined the brightest I’ve ever seen anyone’s eyes shine, and he said, “Jesus.” We said, “What do you see Sam?” He said, “It’s so beautiful.” Mom asked him who he saw and he told her a bunch of people, including his mama. He later said, “I love you all. I found it.” My mom asked him what he found and he said, “Heaven. I’ve got to go.” An hour later he went to be with the Lord. I want this story to be an example of how real God is. We are only here for a short amount of time, and we have to live like there is no tomorrow.

We are much love and prayers to Lauren Alaina and her family at this time.

LeeAnn and Wazz


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