Florida Georgia Line New Compound Vandalized

2018 American Music Awards - Press Room

Just a few days ago we told you about Florida Georgia Line opened their newest business venture creative compound. Located in Hillsboro Village in Nashville the compound houses Tree Vibez Music, clothing store Tribe Kelley Trading Post, and meet and greet space. 


While it looks like vandals took no time in vandalizing the new structure. Brian Kelley took to social media to show footage of of the four people who tore down the teepee outside of the clothing store Tribe Kelley. The four people came around 1:30am Saturday morning and unknowingly was caught in the act on cameras outside the store. Brian showed footage of the four vandals and even was able to show some of their faces telling fans "Nashville tribe, let's band together and find these people".  Kelley is offering putting up a $5000 reward for information they could provide on the vandals in the video.

(Thumbnail Photo by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)

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