Kelsea Ballerini Collaborates with The Chainsmokers In New Song and Video


Looks like there are still more cross genre of music is in the works. The latest artist to crossover is Kelsea Ballerini who is featured in the EDM group The Chainsmokers new song and music video "This Feeling".  

"This Feeling" music video is centered around a motocross race with Kelsea as the only woman in the male dominate race. Kelsea starts the song with the first verse "I'll tell you a story before it tells itself. I'll lay out all my reasons, you'll say that I need help We all got expectations, and sometimes they go wrong. But no one listens to me, so I put it in this song". As the song continues it shows Kelsea and The Chainsmokers Andrew and Alex all going through their own inner personal issues. But the ending leaves you with a tragedy that the viewer doesn't know the true outcome.

Kelsea Ballerini took twitter to tweeted about her excitement on the release of the video "This Feeling" "#ThisFeeling music video is out!! The show pony that hides his feelings, the female in the male dominated race, and the underdog. I LOVE the way this video highlights some real emotions and insecurities we all hide behind and fight against. Check it out y’all!!! @thechainsmokers"

Kelsea sounds great as always in this new song and we are sure its a winner!

LeeAnn and Wazz


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