Veteran Honored By Hundreds With Special Funeral


When you hear this story it makes one think of the classic Disney movie "Toy Story" hit song "You Got A Friend In Me". 73- year old Private First Class Vietnam Veteran Stanley C. Stoltz gained a lot of new friends and family after his passing in November. The local funeral home was told Stoltz didn't have any family so the director placed a funeral announcement in the The World Herald for a public ceremony for the veteran. 


But the turn out was greater than anyone could have expected even getting the attention of CNN correspondent Jake Tapper. Omaha National Cemetery gather between 250-400 people who wanted to come pay their respects to the Vietnam Veteran. Many strangers and veterans left flowers for Stoltz. After not thinking Stoltz had no family his brother Keith was able to attend the service leaving Stoltz flag with Dick Harrington of the Final Salute Society who will have the flag flown on Memorial Day.


(Thumbnail Photo Credit NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

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