Dolly Parton Leaves Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Shock and Speechless


Dolly Parton is currently on a promoting her new movie and soundtrack for "Dumplin" which stars Jennifer Aniston. Dolly stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and let's just say we learned a more then we expected about Dolly's husband Carl. Parton spoke about her love for Jennifer Aniston but how Carl had a love for Aniston that border fantasizing about a threesome with Aniston. 

"My husband is crazy about her. He was more excited that I was going to do a movie with her than he was that I got the chance to write all this music. See, I think he kinda fantasizes, like, a threesome with us....No, seriously he does. I think he can't even get it up to pee much less get it up for three...His going to kill me for saying that."


Next thing you notice Jimmy falling to the ground crawling from behind the desk. Let's just say Jimmy wasn't the only one shock and laughing from the comment. It even had fellow country artist Tim McGraw laughing tweeting about the comment with Dolly Parton retweeting with a innocent "Did I say that?!"

LeeAnn and Wazz


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