Pilot Error Blamed For Troy Gentry Helicopter Crash

 (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Federal investigators have ruled that the September 8th, 2017 helicopter crash that had killed Troy Gentry was caused by pilot error following apparent engine maintenance problems. 

The NTSB reported that the pilot cut the craft's engine too soon as he was attempting an emergency landing, which led to an uncontrolled descent and a crash into the woods, instead of at the airport in Medford, New jersey. The report also notes that the pilot, James Evan Robinson, reported trouble controlling the engine just several minutes after take off. Against recommendations, the pilot said that he was going to cut the engine and glide in, which Robinson had done in the past, but he had cut the engine too soon.

The report also says that the maintenance crew was partly responsible for the crash, since they failed to rig the throttle control assembly before the flight.

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