Brett Young is Number One

 (Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images)

(Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images)

Brett Young is celebrating his new number one album. The singer's second album, "Ticket to LA," debuts on top the "Billboard" Country Album chart this week. "Ticket to LA," also debuted at number 15 on the all genre "Billboard" 200.

Similar to most artists, Brett Young has had struggles throughout his career, which lead to him to question whether he should stick with his dream, noting that there were times that he thought "Alright, that was fun. I tried."

Gavin DeGraw, a friend of Brett's, had some wise words for him that kept him from giving up. "Gavin said something to me years ago and it was something like, "If you can be happy doing anything besides music, then do anything besides music." adding, "But if that's the only thing that'l make you happy, then that's your dream and don't let anybody tell you how long it should take, or what it should look like."

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