Old Dominion Releases New Song "One Man Band"


Old Dominion has dropped their newest song "One Man Band" from their upcoming third album. The band gives fans a view from in the studio as they work on recording "One Man Band". Old Dominion gets a bit more personal which gives fans a chance to see the guys in their element. “I don’t think our fans have heard us show the type of emotion that they will hear in ‘One Man Band.’ It’s a straight-up love song with a certain desperation to it that seems to show up in quite a few of the other new songs we have yet to release. It’s going to be a great year!” singer Matthew Ramsey describe "One Man Band" in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine

We're excited about the new song and can't wait to hear the rest of Old Dominion's new music for 2019!

LeeAnn and Wazz


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