Chris Stapleton and Fender Team Up For New Amp

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Citi)

Chris Stapleton has teamed up with Fender Musical Instruments to develop an all-new Fender '62 Princeton Chris Stapleton Edition amplifier, which is set to go on sale this week at local stores and on the company's website.

"We took a good amount of time, probably about a year-and-a-half really digging in to some prototypes back and forth, trying to get the nuances and the magic of what makes those old amps really sing," Chris shares. "Fender has done a phenomenal job in every possible respect replicating the magic of the 1962 Princeton amp."Chris adds, "It's an amp that's easy enough that a kid could learn how to use it. And it's small enough that you can carry around if you're playing club gigs, but it more than does the job if you're playing in arenas and stadiums. They've gone above and beyond what I thought any amp builder could do."At Chris’ request, royalties from sales of the amp will be donated to his charity, Outlaw State of Kind, which supports a variety of causes.

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