Luke Combs Expresses Feelings Towards GRAMMY Loss

(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Country singer Luke Combs did not walk away a winner at this weekend's GRAMMY awards, but he seems to be completely okay with it. The singer was nominated for Best New Artist, and he took to social media to share with fans how he is feeling after the loss.

"I can’t say that when the words 'and the Grammy goes to ...' didn’t have my name at the end of them, that it didn’t hurt, that I wasn’t mad, or that I didn’t want to win," Luke shares on Twitter. "Of course I wanted to win, everyone who is nominated for a Grammy wants to win, that’s just human nature."Luke adds, "After a fun night of after parties mixed with feeling sorry for myself I realized something, how blessed I am, win or lose.” Addressing his fans, he shares, “You have changed my life in ways that I never thought were possible… Thanks you for spending your hard earned money to watch us do what we love, for telling people about our music, and for singing your hearts out all night." Read his entire message to his fans below.

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