Jimmie Allen & Abby Anderson Covers "A Star Is Born's" Song "Shallow"


Jimmie Allen continues to just wow fans with his never ending musical talent. Jimmie Allen recently teamed up Abby Anderson to perform a cover of "A Star Is Born" hit song "Shallow". Of course if you've seen this powerhouse movie with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga you'll agree with Jimmie Allen when he told CMTA Star is Born was one of my favorites from last year, and the performance of this song in the film really moved me as an artist”.


Many has said the song "Shallow" stood out the most in the movie and that was no different for Abby Anderson “The song ‘Shallow’ immediately stood out to me. When Jimmie called and asked if I would sing on this song with him, I was honored. I mean I’m no Lady Gaga, but working on this with Jimmie, who pours his whole heart into a song vocally, was an absolute joy". Which also has has lead to many covers from other artists like Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, actress Rachel Zegler, actress Lea Michelle, and actress Kate Hudson who all blew us away.


Last night (Sun. Feb 24th) was The 91st Annual Academy Awards and it was a big night for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gage who performed a beautifully emotional driven "Shallow". Lady Gage took the night with her win for "Best Original Song" for "Shallow"

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