Dan + Shay Gets Invited To Crash Wedding With Performance Of "Speechless"


Dan + Shay "Speechless" has definitely become the go to song that many couples are dancing to at their weddings but what if they came live in person to perform at your wedding. That's exactly what happen to a couple who were celebrating their wedding with a destination wedding at Walt Disney World in Florida.

This special moment was put together secretly with the combine help of the bride's father and the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings. Bride Morgan Tilton has apparently been working on this surprise for ten months unbeknownst to friends or family. The shock on the Morgan and John faces as they hear Dan + Shay live voices are priceless.The video shows the duo performing their entire song "Speechless" with Shay stating "I've crashed a lot of weddings. Never actually been invited to crash one before, so this is really cool. They usually kick us out of these things."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

(Thumbnail Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT)

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