Chris Young Releases New Video "Raised on Country"


Chris Young is ready for 2019 with some new music. Young dropped his newest music video "Raised On Country" Friday and we are loving it. "Raised On Country" was filmed in Nashville but the best part of the video was Young filming at iconic country music radio station WSM. In the video Young uses the iconic radio station to to perform his new song for the airwaves.

I was raised on Merle, raised on Willie. Got my Honky Tonk attitude from Joe Diffie. Daddy did too, it's family tradition. If someone cranks it up, you can't help but listen. My upbringing sounds like George Strait singing. And I gotta give props to the radio. 'Cause if you know me, I was raised on country. I was raised on country

Chris Young took lines from George Strait, Joe Diffie and Alan Jackson songs to pay tribute to his those he looked up to coming up in country. Young told Rolling Stone “As a member of the Opry, I was honored to be allowed to film ‘Raised On Country’ in and around the WSM Radio Tower and the same airwaves where songs from my musical icons have played over the years,” Young says. “It was a long day and I had a lot of fun filming the video, even in the scenes where we had debris flying in our faces inside the studio.”

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