Carrie Underwood Son Baby Jacob Is Unimpressed With Mike Fisher Singing


It looks like baby Jacob prefers Mama Carrie singing over Dad Mike Fisher. Carrie Underwood posted the cutest video of baby Jacob as Mike tries to sing to him. The only problem baby Jacob prefers the soothing melodies of Mama Carrie. Even though we think the video was hilarious we're pretty sure baby Jacob would say other wise. Every time Mike started to sing baby Jacob would bust out crying and when Carrie start baby Jacob would immediately quit down and give her his full attention. Carrie posted the video to IG with the caption "Everyone’s a critic...🤷‍♀️@mfisher1212@vincegillofficial😂", later Mike commented to the post "The real reason is he was hungry and wanted your food #notmysinging😂😂"

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