Kenny Chesney Releases His Newest Song "Tip Of My Tongue"


Kenny Chesney is drumming up some music for fans and we arr fans too! Kenny Chesney hasn't releases a new song since his 2018 and his newest single "Tip Of My Tongue" is more on the sensual side. Chesney is getting many positive reviews on his latest single. Even Rolling Stone writes "Over a dreamy, percussion-free bed of guitar and synthesizer, Chesney sings of his appreciation for the little details — like the dimples in someone’s back — that make him fall a little more in love with someone." "Tip Of My Tongue"

Chesney tweeted "It’s funny how a figure of speech can lead you to all kinds of places. When the idea fell out, we all just laughed & went, ‘Well, what can we do with that?" And whose the we Chesney is referring to well that would be his co-writers Ross Copperman and pop singer Ed Sheeran.

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