Brandi Carlile Thankful for Performance with Dolly Parton

Brandi Carlile performed with Dolly Parton this weekend at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island, and she still can't quite believe it happened.

"It really hit me somewhere in the middle of the night last night, what had happened," Brandi tells “Billboard.” "I was just really overwhelmed, and thinking it was a gift that was bestowed upon me this year.” She adds, “I got to receive that gift. I didn’t feel like it was so much something I did as something I got to have. We all got to have that." 

As for what Dolly has meant to Brandi, she shares, "As a gay icon and probably the first country western singer to ever acknowledge and affirm LGBTQ people in a literary sense, she impacted me, hugely, when I read her book when I was 15,” noting that when she performed with Dolly, “That was a big, full-circle moment for me, and I almost lost it when she pulled me close in that moment.”

Check out a rare backstage moment that took place between Brandi and Dolly, below!

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