Cole Swindell Shares Video for "Love You Too Late"

Cole Swindell just dropped another music video. This time the clip is for the track "Love You Too Late," which he wrote with Michael Carter and Brandon Kinney, his collaborators on such songs as "Brought to You by Beer" "No Can Left Behind" and "Reason to Drink."

"Love You Too Late" is a bit of a departure from his usual drinking tunes. "The three of us were writing together before I ever even got in the room with other songwriters. Those are the two guys I've always leaned on. Those drinking songs? Those party anthems? That's been our niche," he tells CMT. "And this sounds nothing like that, but it is one of my favorites."

the music video shows Cole performing in a tunnel in Nashville, as a scorned woman, played by stunt woman Kachina Dechert, puts her foot on the gas pedal in order to get as far away from him as possible. Check out the new video below!

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