The Zac Brown Band Drops New Song "Need This" From Upcoming Album


The Zac Brown Band is just a month away from dropping their newest project "The Owl". But the band isn't waiting until their September 20th release date to share some of their new music. The Zac Brown Brand has released three songs from their "The Owl" with them recently releasing "Need This" lyric video. But that's not all The Zac Brown Band released, they also gave fans a peek at the 11 track list names. There is only one feature on the entire album from Brandi Carlile on the band "Finish What We Started".

  • “The Woods”
  • “Need This”
  • “OMW”
  • “Someone I Used to Know”
  • “Me and the Boys in the Band”
  • “Finish What We Started” (featuring Brandi Carlile)
  • “God Given”
  • “Warrior”
  • “Shoofly Pie”
  • “Already on Fire”
  • “Leaving Love Behind”

To hear Zac Brown's new singles "Warrior", "Leaving Love Behind", or their latest "Need This" check out their Youtube here.

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