Colt Ford Set to Drop New Album September 20th

(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Georgia Music Foundation)

Colt Ford is set to drop his seventh album "We the People Volume 1," dropping September 20th. The album features 14 tracks, with guest appearances by Jimmy Allen, Michael Ray and Dan Tyminski, with Mitchel Tenpenny featured on the album's first single, "Slow Ride."

“Making this one, I went back to the beginning when I really didn’t know any better,” Colt shares. “I didn’t let anybody tell me the rules or say, ‘You can’t do this; you’ve got to do that.’ Instead, I let the feeling of the songs guide me.” 

He adds, “The record reignited my passion for playing and making music. My music transcends politics, religion, and rules. That’s what this whole project is about.”

Check out the track list for "We the People Volume 1" below!

  1. “I’m Still Me”
  2. “Slow Ride feat. Mitchell Tenpenny
  3. “We The People”
  4. “Back To Them Backroads” feat. Jimmie Allen
  5. “Red White Blue & Blessed” feat. Walker Montgomery
  6. “Nightcap” feat. Michael Ray
  7. “Lucky Scars” feat. Eddie Montgomery
  8. “Where The Water Is” feat. Dan Tyminski
  9. “Bring That “W” Home”
  10. “Cooter Brown” feat. Larry Fleet
  11. “Bass Like That” feat. Dan Tyminski
  12. “Time Machine”
  13. “How You Lose a Woman”
  14. “We The People” (Remix) feat. DJ KO

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