Miranda Lambert Having More Fun on "Wildcard"

Miranda Lambert is getting set to release her seventh studio album "Wildcard" on Friday, which sees her having a bit more fun than she did with her last album "The Weight of These Wings," which was far more emotional.

"I also feel like I'm more willing to make fun of myself and not take myself so seriously," she tells “USA Today” of making the record. "I live and breathe country music, but I also don't get wrapped up in every little thing. I'm just having fun with it."

Miranda had worked with a lot of women on her record, noting that she feels a responsibility to support other women in country music, especially since it seems to be such a struggle for female artists these days.

"There's plenty of room if people would let us on the chart," she says. "When I was coming up in my career, I was on tour with all men. I learned so much, but there was never a female mentor who could really talk me through what it's like to be a girl in this position, so I'm hoping I can be that for some of these younger female artists coming up."

The country music star will celebrate the release of "Wildcard" with a new short film, which is set to debut on November 4th on Apple Music. “Behind Miranda Lambert's ‘Wildcard'” invites fans into Miranda’s world as she records her new album, and features guest appearances by the album's producer Jay Joyce as well as co-writers Natalie Hemby, Ashley Monroe, Luke Dick, and The Love Junkies, Lori McKenna and Hillary Lindsey. Check out the trailer to her upcoming short film below!

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