Cleveland Browns Wins and Loses Against Pittsburgh Steelers

It's been five long years since the Cleveland Browns won against their rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. Thursday night football brought a win for the new rookie Browns team whose trying to make a name for themselves. The win against the Steelers is the Browns second home win this week after their 19-16 over the Buffalo Bills Sunday. Thursday night football was a major upset for Pittsburgh with them losing to the Browns 7-21 bringing their AFC North standing to 5-5. But with all the great work of Chubbs, Landry, Hunt, Schobert, Beckham and Mayfield it unfortunately is getting over shadowed by Myles Garrett.


Late in the 4th quarter with just seconds left on the clock Garrett is seen taking Rudolph to the ground. The next thing that happened was so unprecedented in any sports that definitely puts yesterday win in the shadows. Garrett is seen wrestling and completely removing Rundolph's helmet from him and once both men are standing Garrett swings the helmet with connects to Rudolph's unprotected head. The incident received three ejections from the game with of course Browns Myles Garrett, Browns Larry Ogunjobi for pushing Rudolph to the ground, and Pittsburgh Steelers Maurkice Pouncey who was seen jumping and kicking Garrett as he is being pinned to the ground by another Steelers player.


As of this morning punishments from the league hasn't been announced. There's a possibility Garrett may be done for the season. Unfortunately this doesn't look good with the Browns playing the Steeler in Pittsburgh Sunday December 1st.

LeeAnn and Wazz


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