Man Saves Missing Teen. Then, Another 'Act of Kindness'


Two heroes have emerged in Minnesota: an abducted 15-year-old girl and the 65-year-old farmer who found her. 

Fox News and the Twin Cities Pioneer Press report Jasmine Block disappeared from her Alexandria home on Aug. 8, and she was reportedly held for nearly a month in an abandoned house, where she says she was physically and sexually assaulted. On Sept. 5, however, she broke out, swam across a lake, and started running when she got to the other side. 

It was then that Jasmine ran into Earl Melchert, who said he saw a "speck" rushing toward him in his truck; he tells the New York Times he thought it was a deer at first. As she got closer, he realized it wasn't a deer, but a missing girl he recognized from newscasts and posters around town. He got Jasmine into his truck, called 911, and started driving the teen to the local police station.

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