WGAR at Café Arnone Italian Coffee Bar with Kip Moore

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Saturday December 8th join Wazz and WGAR at Café Arnone Italian Coffee Bar! The first 50 people in line will get the chance to take a selfie with Kip Moore! The fun starts at 11am and ends at Noon! While there, enjoy an authentic Italian Coffee Bar with relaxed cafe seating, drive thru, outdoor patio, and private lounge for catering and business meetings. Their menu includes coffee & pastries, flatbread sandwiches, and gelato puts a modern twist on authentic Italian favorites.

Ma and Pa Arnone came to Akron, Ohio from Favara, Sicily in 1913. After studying abroad and visiting family in Sicily over the years we have observed the importance of the Café in the Italian lifestyle. Now as 2nd and 3rd generation Arnone’s, we are excited to share that passion, culture and taste of Italy with the local community here in Akron. 


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