Brett Eldredge Shares Heartfelt Update: 'Grateful For The Journey Thus Far'

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Brett Eldredge shared a heartwarming life update after staying relatively quiet on his social media channels for several weeks. The “Beat of the Music” country star posted a reel on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon (June 7), reflecting on a few recent memories and reflecting on his intention for the year.

Eldredege explained in his caption that he aims to “do things that make me feel grounded and connected to life,” spending time with family and friends, and making time for experiences in life other than his music.

“I’ve been touring for a decade and wanted to feel some normalcy for a moment, to experience some of the things I feel Ive missed out on,” he wrote, “not in a bus or in a parking lot behind a venue, but focusing on life with friends, family, dancing, traveling just to travel, relationships, mental health, therapy, self compassion, volunteering, all the meaningful stuff.

“I am so grateful for the journey thus far and all of those that have supported me along the way but felt I never really supported myself as much as I should…getting to step back from the pressures I’ve put on myself in a wild industry and working on breaking old patterns is hardddd work but so powerful and worth it,” Eldredge wrote. “I’m grateful for all of the lessons along the way…now I’m actually soaking it in…I’m starting to figure it out little by little, and writing and singing about it is the next step:) but for now, back to the good stuff.”

Earlier this year, Eldredge shared his “2023 bucket list,” sharing at that time that he planned to “do all the things Ive always wanted to do but never made the time…things that scare me, chasing moments that make me feel alive and see the wonder in the world…all things big and small.” He even invited his social media followers to weigh in with any additional ideas, including taking a solo trip (“throw a dart at a map and see where it lands!”), writing and sending letters to loved ones, and diving with sharks, to name a few. See his latest life update here:

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