Gas Station Worker Saves Teen From Kidnapping

A quick-thinking Oklahoma City gas station clerk helped save a 17-year-old girl who had reportedly been abducted and sexually assaulted. Last Friday, Nikki Williams spotted the teen entering the station with a regular customer who she recognized. Williams immediately noticed the girl’s body language and when the teen mouthed “help me,” she sprang into action.

Williams recalls the moment saying, "You could tell something was off... Something is like, for real going on." So she brought the young woman behind the clerk area, where she was separated by protective glass from the suspect, and pretended to let her use the restroom.

The store clerk called the police and even bagged up a vape the suspect left behind to help identify him. Although he had left the area by the time police arrived, they soon caught up with him and he was arrested on multiple charges related to this and an earlier incident. As for what she did to help the teen, Williams doesn’t think she’s a hero. “I was just doing what any other mom would do,” she says. “Any one of us girls would’ve done the same thing.”

Source: KFOR

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