Strangers Show Up To Help Elderly Woman Clean Graffiti

When Sally, a 73-year-old resident of Caldwell, Idaho, woke up one recent morning to find that someone had vandalized the fence behind her house, she knew the cleanup was going to be a long task. She bought some graffiti removal products and got right to work scrubbing the fence. After a couple of hours at it, she was approached by Katee Fuller, who just happened to be driving past and generously offered to help.

Fuller, the owner of K&S Construction, returned with her team and even got her son and his friends involved. They pressure-washed and repainted the fence, and replaced some of the panels where needed. One of the K&S crew, Bradley Anderson, says the experience is as much for them as it was for Sally. "Well, I personally like doing this stuff a lot," he says. "For Sally, I think it meant a lot to see everyone come out here and take their time out of their day and put forth the effort for her without asking for anything in return."

Sally was overwhelmed by the group’s effort and expressed her deep gratitude. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," the septuagenarian says, "I would be happy to pay them, but they won't let me." For Fuller and her crew, helping out a neighbor — now a new friend — and seeing her so pleased with the work was all the pay they needed.

Source: KTVB

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