Deputies Save Toddler From Drowning In Pool

This past Saturday morning, Saif Lateef was panicked when he realized his two-year-old daughter Mira had wandered out of the family’s Detroit area home and had fallen into their pool. Mira was found face down in the pool unconscious. A frantic 911 call was placed and a dispatcher attempted to guide the family in reviving the toddler while first responders rushed to the scene.

Within minutes, Macomb County Sheriffs arrived followed by Macomb Township firefighters. "I see the police start jumping the fence they are coming from everywhere," Saif recalls. With the responding ambulance being held up in traffic, the first responders make the decision to transport Mira. One of the firefighters continued performing CPR on the toddler in the back of a deputy’s patrol car while en route to the local hospital. From there she was airlifted to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.

In a situation where seconds mean the difference between life and death, Mira is lucky to be alive. She’s already back home and is expected to make a full recovery. And her family is incredibly grateful. “They saved her life, even if I do everything for these people, I can't be thankful enough," says Mira's father. The family is planning on getting together with first responders soon so they can thank them in person.


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