Group Of 4 Nurses On Vacation In Europe Save Man’s Life

Medical Professional Team Meeting

Photo: FatCamera / E+ / Getty Images

Children’s Mercy Kansas City hospital nurses Angelique Short, Rachel Auffert, Fallon Olf, and Meg Green, have known each other for a couple of years and decided to travel to Europe together. However, their relaxing vacation turned into a lifesaving mission when a man suffered a heart attack in a high-altitude Austrian cave. The nurses quickly worked together, likely saving the man’s life.

While exploring the largest ice cave in the world in Austria, the four Missouri nurses noticed a fellow tourist was having trouble. When the man passed out, the nurses sprang into action, taking his pulse and then performing CPR before he was rushed to a nearby hospital. He underwent several surgeries and is now in recovery, but the nurses believe the outcome would have been much different had they not been there.

They’ve since returned to their jobs, but the experience has given them a new perspective on the importance of their profession. They all already shared a commitment to helping those in need, but now the nurses know how important it is to be ready to help at any moment, even when they’re off duty.

Source: KCTV 5

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