Kindergartener Saves Grandma’s Life In Medical Emergency

On November 4th, six-year-old James Garcia was home alone with his grandmother when she fell and needed assistance. Remarkably, the kindergartener calmly dialed 911, telling the dispatcher, "I don't know what's happening to my grandma ... I'm scared." He shared that he heard a bumping sound and found his grandma had fallen upstairs and immediately called for help.

When Nicholas Wilson with Orange County Fire Rescue arrived on the scene, he was amazed that James seemed so poised and courageous. The first responder believes that education played an important role in the boy’s response. "Keep listening to us when we come to schools and stuff because it proves that paying attention and listening works” Wilson says, “He saved his grandma's life."

Now Orange County Fire Rescue has decided to honor James with a young hero award for his actions. And his grandmother has one more reason to be proud of her grandson. "If I loved him before, you have no idea how much I do now,” she says. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, James admits that he hopes to become a firefighter one day.

Source: WESH

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