Thrifty Man Surprises His Town By Leaving It Millions

Geoffrey Holt, a caretaker at a mobile home park in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, led a modest life and was known for his simple attire and preference for riding a lawn mower instead of driving a car. Despite his appearance of frugality, he was a multimillionaire who, when he died earlier this year, left $3.8-million to the town of Hinsdale for community benefit.

The town is considering various uses for the donation, including upgrading town infrastructure and establishing online educational resources. The funds managed through a trust with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, will allow local organizations to apply for grants.

The gift from Holt’s estate surprised the townsfolk, who knew him a lonely man who lived a minimalist lifestyle in a sparsely furnished mobile home without a TV or computer. But the reality was that Holt enjoyed intellectual pursuits, collected model cars and trains, was interested in history, and had a substantial record collection. Holt’s sister, Alison Holt, says their father taught them to not waste money, which her brother took to heart. She only wishes that he’d enjoyed his wealth more while he was alive.

Source: AP NEWS

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